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Irregularly irregular rhythm - 60 years old male

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

upBeat® Biosensors are designed for continuous 24x7 monitoring of persons wherever they are at home, office, hospital, etc i.e. both inpatient and outpatient. upBeat® is undergoing rigorous pre-clinical testing to evaluate it's performance and improve it based on the feedback. This article details one such pre-clinical study for outpatient ambulatory monitoring. One case of a 60 years old male who had irregularly regular rhtyhm is detailed below.

Monitra's upBeat® Biosensors

upBeat® is a wearable medical grade biosensing skin patch that continuously 24x7 captures electrocardiogram (ECG) and tracks posture as well as activities in real-time. This physiological data is transmitted continuously to the phone and the information is relayed to our cloud platform, upBeat®.AI.

What is a irregularly irregular rhythm?

An irregularly irregular rhythm has no pattern at all. All of the intervals are haphazard and do not repeat, with an occasional, accidental exception. Only three supraventricular rhythms are irregularly irregular:

  1. Sinus arrhythmia (one P wave morphology and stable PR interval)

  2. Multifocal atrial rhythm (wandering atrial pacemaker) with a rate < 100, and multifocal atrial tachycardia (rate > 100) in which there are at least three different P wave morphologies and PR intervals without a dominant P wave morphology

  3. Atrial fibrillation in which no organized P wave is identified

Heart Rate Plot during the session

Instantaneous Heart Rate versus Time plots were created for each subject where each activity was noted. You will notice that the instantaneous heart rate is scattered due to the irregularly regular rhythm particularly during sitting and walking.

Heart Rate Plot


The heart rate is about 70 bpm. A ventricular beat is found.

The heart rate is about 70 bpm.

Lying Down

The heart rate is about 70 bpm.

Deep Breathing

The heart rate is about 60 bpm.


The heart rate is about 60 bpm.


The heart rate is about 70 bpm.


The heart rate is about 70 bpm.

Climbing up & down stairs

The heart rate is about 100 bpm.

Climbing up & down

The heart rate is about 90 bpm.

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