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Why has my doctor prescribed upBeat®?

upBeat® is trusted by doctors to detect and help diagnose irregular heart rhythms — and has been prescribed to thousands of patients. upBeat® is one of the most advanced cardiac monitoring systems. upBeat® is easy to wear and allows you to note when you feel symptoms and continuously records every heartbeat. Your doctor is able to take a comprehensive look at your heart's rhythm.

Things you do not know about upBeat®

(1) Three things you didn't know about upBeat®
(2) Three MORE things you didn't know about upBeat® (UPDATED VERSION)
(3) Three FURTHER MORE things you didn't know about upBeat® (UPDATED VERSION)

How does it work?

Doctor's Prescription


Your doctor will prescribe upBeat® based on your condition.  The patch will be applied at the clinic, hospital or at home.

Skin Preparation & Patch Application


Skin preparation is a very important step for ensuring good quality ECG signals and proper adhesion of patch. For men, hair must be shaved and completely removed so that there are no artefacts in ECG signals.