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Redefining 24x7 continuous heart monitoring

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Looking for the best technology. You have reached the right place.


Hospital grade sensing for home

Highest resolution sensors used in hospital settings now pick up small signals such as 'p' waves even at home.


Accurate tracings for accurate diagnosis

Carefully designed to acquire accurate tracings in ambulatory settings. Accurate tracings lead to accurate diagnosis.


World-class reporting
(Comprehensive review)

Intensive rigorous review process using proprietary tools after AI - computer generated annotations picks up missed clinically important events.


Award winning

Received best product award at HYSEA innovation summit. Awarded grants by BIRAC & US India Science & Tech Endowment Fund.

Bringing you reports that you can rely on

Redesigned the entire clinical reporting workflow to improve diagnostic yield


Data is sanitized for artifacts & noise


False postives & incorrectly classified annotations are corrected using upBeat's proprietary tools


Templates are then generated so that they contain correct information


Data is reviewed for clinically relevant events


Proper strips are placed with onset & termination of events




The Holter monitor is a type of portable electrocardiogram (ECG). It records the electrical activity of the heart continuously over 24 hours or longer. 

External Loop Recorder (ELR)

An ELR is a device that records a patient s heart rate for up to seven days at a stretch and gives an accurate measure of the function and problems of the heart that go unnoticed in other tests.

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT)

Mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) is the most advanced cardiac monitoring that transmits data 24x7 in real-time.

User testimonials

I was having palpilations intermittently. So doctors advised ECG monitoring for 4 days. Monitra & team reached me promptly and told how things work and started monitoring machine immediately. The machine was user friendly and better than the previously used machines by me. 

Doctors could diagnose the disease with the help of this monitoring and this helped for better treatment of the disease. I would recommended Monitra & team for Holter monitoring  to patients needing these services.

- Dr. Vikram, Neuro

My son was facing heart rhythm disorders as he was into sports. We were advised to put upBeat® Ambulatory ECG monitoring patch for a week. It was extremely simple to use. It did not stop my son from practicing daily. Monitra Health promptly sent their technician to change the patch if required.


The team was prompt and helpful. According to our doctor the product was able to capture correct data and  the diagnosis was effective. I would highly recommend upBeat® and their services.

- G. Tripti

My mother, 76 years old, used to have seizure like episodes lasting 20-30 seconds where her pupils became dilated & body became very stiff. We took her to hospital emergency & doctors were not able to understand the cause. That's when they prescribed upBeat®. That very night at 4AM, my mother had the longest seizure and she fainted. It was scary. After a while I stopped counting the number of seconds.


We informed the upBeat® team. The product identified the events leading to the episode. The doctor was able to diagnose and the problem was fixed the next day. I am glad that this product saved her life.

- Priti N. Ghosh

Doctor testimonials

"Simplicity & ease of use of product will improve patient compliance for short & long term monitoring"

- Dr. M Srinivasa Rao, MD DM, Cardiologist

"Reports contain clinically significant info in an easy to understand format with onset & termination of events"

- Dr. R Menon, MD, DNB, Cardiologist

"ECG recording is of good quality. Patient feedback of device is good. Service is professional & reliable."

- Dr. H. Rao, MD, DM, FISE Electrophysiologist

"Tracings in reports are clear for both p waves & QRS. Reports are appropriate for clinical decision making."

- Dr. S Yalagudri, MD, DM,  Electrophysiologist


Monitra Healthcare Private Limited, T-Hub Foundation (3rd Floor), Plot No 1/C, Sy No 83/1, Raidurgam Panmaktha, Hyderabad Knowledge City, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500081, INDIA 

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